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These descriptions are big words but they are really applicable to CIFKM because of its unique design centered on the concept “Data Smart Box” (DSB)

DSB are small multifunctional and autonomous software applications, which incorporate features that the Enterprise has already predefined in “DSB templates”. In each DSB have been inserted one or more “user groups” and have been determined their rights over it (DSB roles), which can be already predefined in the corresponding DSB template.

DSB templates in turn are configured in sets (work environments) that match the needs of functional areas or divisions of the company. These are made available to the “user groups” (DSB template roles) whose members have to use (or create and administer) them for creating new DSB with the features predefined in the template.

For an ordinary user, create a new DSB is only a matter of selecting the appropriate “DSB template” that match the required DBS features.

A DSB may be created by any user to incorporate the information on a new matter, a company resource, etc. to share it, make it available, or to interact with others users. They can contain files as well as other types of information, multiple links, and attributes, automatic behaviors.

CIFKM has many already predefined kinds of attributes for shaping and configuring DSB templates. To design a DSB template with this attributes is only a matter of configuration by means of the tools in the application.

Moreover, DSB templates are ready to incorporate automatic behaviors through scripts of code, what makes them adaptable and customizable to meet the needs of the company. For example, they can serve as forms to execute phases of a workflow.

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