ECM* (Enterprise Content Management) (Company’s Sync Cloud) (End to End Encryption)

CIFKM is an "Enterprise Content Management (ECM)" or "Advanced document management" Employees and collaborators see CIFKM as the Company's Sync Cloud

It's the answer to corporate needs of sharing and team working, for preserving confidentiality, storage, retention, security, synchronization, encryption, version control, document routing... It's the management of corporate structured information: documents, emails, contacts, drawings, graphics, etc. Its objective is not editing documents, but replacement of traditional filing systems with advantages of modern technology. It improves efficiency, control, reduces cost and simplifies management.

What is CIFKM

What is CIFKM?

The purpose of CIFKM is to be the answer to corporate needs for sharing information and team working, for preserving confidentiality, storage, retention, security, synchronization, version control, document routing…And much more.

Starting from the old concept of filing cabinets, CIFKM has developed the concept of “Data Smart Boxes” (DSB) with current technology.

Each DSB is a smart filing cabinet, a flexible and autonomous multifunctional software unit, that can be used, either as simple container with advanced user-right management, with capabilities for sharing files and folders (links to other DSB, links to external applications through an API, attributes taken from internal and external databases), either incorporating customized automatic behaviours, either representing single states of a process, or any combination of the foregoing.

Return of investment

Advantages of CIFKM and Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

Because of its characteristics and way of marketing, one may start using CIFKM for a specific need and afterwards, through trial and error, extend and implement it progressively as new possibilities are discovered. A complete initial specification of all needs and their solution is not required.

The companies that use CIFKM are more efficient and productive,


Synchronization of files and folders. Users see CIFKM as the Company’s sync cloud

CIFKM is oriented to business, unlike other sync. systems in the cloud whose design is basically oriented to individuals.

Other systems only perform bidirectional synchronization of files and folders between the user’s computer and a server. They allow you to share files and are effective to work anywhere (mobility) for individuals or small groups of them; but they are quite inefficient for organizations because they are not well suited to their functional and hierarchical structures.

CIFKM synchronizes files and folders from “Data Smart Boxes” (DSB) with user’s workstation, which makes it different, as the DSB are suited for organizations.

Security and Encryption


Security really matters. Users shall assign to every piece of information its “range of diffusion”. It must be easily available inside its “range of diffusion” and safely kept out of reach beyond it.

CIFKM incorporates 3 safety levels:

1.- General encryption of all data and files at the servers, after having indexed texts, that secures them from outdoors assails.
2.- Each “Data Smart Box (DSB) incorporates its own permission system.
3.- Authorized users can perform end to end encryption of special confidential files. Encryption is performed before uploading files and, simultaneously to the encryption process, it can be specified who (users) can decrypt each of them. It combines algorithms AES+RSA.

Administration System


In a flat organization, i.e. without structure and levels, CIFKM can be managed so that all users have access to all “Data Smart Boxes” (DSB) with all the powers (everything accessible and transparent for all). In this case, only one “general group” comprehensive of all users will be used.

However, companies from a certain size upwards are organizations of persons with specific responsibilities and duties, organizational structure and levels. They have to administer access rights and powers over information.

For this most common case, users are in CIFKM organized in “user groups”. Any one of them may be nested in any other. This way, one may represent the functional structure (functional groups) and the organic chart (chart positions) of the company.



These descriptions are big words but they are really applicable to CIFKM because of its unique design centered on the concept “Data Smart Box” (DSB)

DSB are small multifunctional and autonomous software applications, which incorporate features that the Enterprise has already predefined in “DSB templates”. In each DSB have been inserted one or more “user groups” and have been determined their rights over it (DSB roles), which can be already predefined in the corresponding DSB template.

DSB templates in turn are configured in sets (work environments) that match the needs of functional areas or divisions of the company. These are made available to the “user groups” (DSB template roles) whose members have to use (or create and administer) them for creating new DSB with the features predefined in the template.

For an ordinary user, create a new DSB is only a matter of selecting the appropriate “DSB template” that match the required DBS features.

What does ECM mean?

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) aims to make management of corporate structured information (documents, emails, contacts,…) easier through simplifying storage, security, version control, process routing, retention, confidentiality, encryption,..

The benefits for any organization are: improved efficiency, better control, and reduced costs.